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Venus Legacy

Venus legacy is a leading-edge non-invasive technology that naturally increases collagen and elastin fibers while shrinking fat cells.

The human body can be stubborn

Despite your best efforts at working out and eating right, you feel like you have one area that just doesn’t change. At Body Artz Spa, our specialists provide leading-edge medical spa body contouring treatments that target stubborn areas of the body that are resistant to diet and exercise.

The Venus Legacy™ uses cutting-edge technology to deliver safe and comfortable radiofrequency energy to the body. This device is versatile enough to treat nearly any area on the body, and it can be adjusted to suit even the most sensitive skin types. The Venus Legacy™ is ideal for boosting collagen and smoothing out wrinkles and cellulite.

What is Venus Legacy?

Venus Legacy is an aesthetic medical device that provides non-invasive solution to challenging aesthetic problems. The machine has great versatility and has various applications including body contouring and skin tightening. It comes with applicators for the face and body.

It uses advanced (MP)2 technology, a combination of Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field. These two technologies allow the machine to provide body contouring and skin tightening treatments through non-invasive procedures.

What are the benefits of the Venus Legacy Treatment?

Venus Legacy is a non-invasive medical device used for treatment of body contouring, skin tightening, cellulite reduction, and even wrinkle reduction. The machine can provide efficient treatments without the pain and downtime of normal procedures. Due to its features and technologies, the machine is versatile enough to work on various treatments including non-invasive body contouring. Below are some benefits you can get from Venus Legacy treatments.

  • Slim, sculpted body
  • Tighter, firmer skin
  • Reduced cellulite appearance
  • Smooth wrinkle-free skin

How does it work?

The combination of Multi-Polar RF and PEMF, (MP)2 technology, helps target adipose tissues efficiently. The radio frequency energy delivered is converted to heat. The heat disrupts fat cells and helps tighten skin at the same time. The additional feature, VariPulse technology, improves lymphatic drainage, which aids in reducing fat cells in the treated area.  


Multi-Polar Radio Frequency is a technology that delivers energy into the targeted depth of skin. The energy is converted into heat, which reduces fat on treated areas and tighten skin at the same time. The RF energy heats up skin until the therapeutic level is reached. The heat makes it easier to break down fat cells under the skin, which are naturally removed by the body. The treatment also stimulates natural functions of skin including skin cell renewal and collagen production.  


Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field was developed to deliver five to thirty hertz into the deeper layers of skin. This stimulates the cells to activate natural functions of skin including enhanced collagen synthesis and angiogenesis. PEMF also supports the effects of Multi-Polar RF, which enhances the results of treatment for cellular reduction and body contouring.  


VariPulse technology enables Venus Legacy to effectively provide body contouring treatment and cellulite reduction treatments. The technology creates pulsed suctions using positive and negative air pressure. This enhances the effects of (MP)2 technology. It also induces natural lipolysis, which further improves the penetration of RF energy. VariPulse stimulates blood flow and lymphatic drainage as well, which supports fat reduction in the treated areas.  


Venus Legacy comes with different types of applicators designed to treat specific areas of the face and body. There are four applicators including Octipolar and 4D Body for larger areas, and DiamondPolar and 4D Face for smaller areas. 4D Body applicator, used for body contouring and cellulite reduction, targets a specific area and sends RF and PEMF energy in multiple directions. This can improve the breakdown of fat cells, cellulite reduction, and tightening of sagging skin. All handpieces come with integrated sensors for real-time thermal feedback.

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